3rd International Conference on IBM

Housing and Building National Research Centre

Housing And Building Research Centre is considered one of the leading research centers that has scientific capabilities, laboratories and halls, as well as specialized scientific researchers. It carries out scientific activities in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 69 of 1973. The Center has a legal proceeding and aims to set the policy, general plan for researches, studies and implement them in the field of construction, within the framework of priorities that respond to the needs of society, with special attention to national problems and what requires setting standards and foundations for design and conditions of implementation for construction works and specifications of building materials, in addition to assisting engineering activities using scientific methods, which achieves better performance, lower costs, higher safety rates, and preservation of the environment. The center has eleven institutes that practice scientific activities in the field of applied studies and research.

87 Tahrir St. Dokki , Giza - Egypt

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